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A place for businesses to connect and grow. Our Vendor Network is more than just a marketplace; it's a lively community of suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers. Whether you're an experienced vendor or a startup looking to expand, our platform offers an easy way to showcase your products and services. We encourage collaboration by providing vendors with tools and services to manage their operations and connect with potential buyers. At Zone Sparks, we believe in the strength of working together, and our Vendor Network is designed to create lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. Join us to be part of a vibrant community where opportunities abound, innovation thrives, and businesses flourish.

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Vendor Requirements

Product Quality

E-commerce platforms set guidelines on product quality.

Sellers must meet these standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pricing Transparency

E-commerce platforms set guidelines on product quality.

Timely Delivery

Vendors must commit to timely order fulfillment and delivery.

This is essential for maintaining a positive customer experience.

Customer Service

Good customer service is crucial for vendors.

Vendors should be responsive to customer inquiries and address any issues promptly.

Return and Refund Policy

Vendors may need to comply with the e-commerce platform's return and refund policies.

Commission and Fees

E-commerce platforms typically charge sellers a commission or fees.

Vendors need to be aware of these financial arrangements.

Promotions and Marketing

Vendors may be encouraged to participate in promotions and marketing activities organized by the e-commerce platform.

If you want to become a vendor, you should thoroughly read and understand the specific requirements of the e-commerce platform in which you are interested, as these requirements can vary. The platform may conduct periodic reviews of vendor performance to ensure continued adherence to standards.

Vendor Policy

Registration and Approval

All vendors must complete the registration process, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Approval is subject to a review process, and the platform reserves the right to accept or reject any vendor application.

Product Listings

Vendors are responsible for providing accurate and detailed information about their products.

Product listings must adhere to the platform's guidelines and standards.

Product Quality

Vendors must ensure that the quality of their products meets the standards set by the platform.

The platform reserves the right to conduct quality checks or inspections.

Pricing and Discounts

Vendors must transparently and accurately display the prices of their products.

Any discounts or promotions must be communicated and honored.

Order Confirmation and Ready to Ship

Vendors are required to confirm orders within 48 hours of receiving them.

Once the order is confirmed, vendors must click "Ready to Ship" in the platform's system.

Ready to Ship Procedures

Upon confirming "Ready to Ship," vendors must submit the customer's desired product to our distribution center within the next 48 hours.

Alternatively, vendors may choose to deliver the product through our company's designated courier services.

Delivery Timeframe

The product delivery timeframe should not exceed 5-7 days from the date of order confirmation.

Vendors are encouraged to provide accurate and updated tracking information for customer orders.

Expedited Shipping Options

Vendors have the option to offer expedited shipping services to customers. Any additional charges for expedited shipping should be communicated.

Communication with Customers

In cases where delays are unavoidable, vendors must promptly communicate with customers, providing transparent and accurate information about the expected delivery time.

Non-Compliance Consequences

Failure to confirm orders within 48 hours or meet the specified Ready to Ship and delivery timelines may result in penalties, including temporary suspension of the vendor's account.

Quality Checks before Shipping

Vendors are responsible for conducting quality checks on products before shipping to ensure that customers receive items in excellent condition.

Order Fulfillment

Vendors are expected to fulfill orders promptly and meet agreed-upon delivery timelines.

The platform may have specific guidelines for packaging and shipping.

Customer Service

Vendors must provide excellent customer service.

Timely responses to customer inquiries and efficient resolution of issues are essential.

Commission and Fees

Vendors will be subject to commissions and fees as outlined in the agreement with the platform.

Any changes to commission structures will be communicated in advance.

Marketing and Promotions

Vendors may be encouraged to participate in marketing and promotional activities organized by the platform.

Performance Reviews

The platform reserves the right to conduct periodic reviews of vendor performance.

Poor performance may lead to corrective actions, including account suspension or termination.


The platform reserves the right to terminate a vendor's account for any violation of policies or improper conduct.

Vendor Payment Policy

Payment Frequency

Zone Sparks will initiate vendor payments on a weekly basis.

Payment Systems

Payments will be processed both automatically and manually based on the vendor's preference.

Vendors can choose their preferred payment method from the available options.

Payment Calculation

After shipping the product, Zone Sparks will add the selling price of the vendor's product to their account.

Payment calculations will include the selling price minus the applicable commission, as per the company policy.

Payment Timeline

Payments will be added to the vendor's account within 3 days after the product has been shipped.

Returns and Refunds

In the case of any product return or refund confirmed from the customer's side, the vendor's account will be adjusted accordingly after a 3-day period.

Commission Charges

Zone Sparks will charge commissions according to the company's established policies. The commission structure will be communicated to vendors.

Payment Methods

Vendors can receive their payments through the following methods:

Bank Account





Payment Statements

Vendors will have access to detailed payment statements, outlining the breakdown of each transaction, commissions, and adjustments.

Tax Deductions

Vendors are responsible for any applicable taxes on their earnings. Zone Sparks will provide the necessary documentation for tax purposes.

Disputes and Resolutions

In case of payment disputes, vendors should contact the Zone Sparks support team for resolution.

Changes to Payment Policies

Zone Sparks reserves the right to make changes to the payment policies. Vendors will be notified in advance of any modifications.

This addition clarifies how often vendors will be paid, the methods of payment, and the timeline for receiving payments. It aims to provide transparency and flexibility for vendors. Additionally, the document outlines the procedure for handling adjustments in case of returns or refunds.

Vendor Return Policy

Customer Return Period

Customers can initiate returns for products within 3 days from the date of delivery.

Return Fee for Vendors

In the event of a customer-initiated return, Zone Sparks will charge a return fee from the vendor.

The return fee will be deducted from the vendor's account balance.

Return Authorization

Vendors will be notified of the return request and should promptly authorize the return through the Zone Sparks platform.

Inspection and Restocking

Returned products will undergo inspection for quality and condition.

If the product is deemed resalable, it may be restocked for future sales.

Vendor Notification

Vendors will receive timely notifications regarding return requests, including the reason for return.

Return Fee Calculation

The return fee will be calculated based on the company's predefined fee structure, taking into account the nature of the returned product.

Customer Communication

Zone Sparks will communicate with customers to facilitate a smooth return process and address any concerns they may have.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of disputes related to return fees or return authorization, vendors can contact the Zone Sparks support team for resolution.

Refund Adjustments

If a refund is issued to the customer, any return fee charged to the vendor will be adjusted accordingly.

Changes to Return Policies

Zone Sparks reserves the right to make changes to the return policies. Vendors will be notified in advance of any modifications.

This addition specifies the timeframe during which customers can return items and details the fee structure for vendors in such instances. It highlights the importance of effective communication and a fair resolution process for the benefit of all parties involved.

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